The Great American Goodbye

by Arkham

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released July 29, 2014



all rights reserved


Arkham Chicago, Illinois

Post-Hardcore Punk from Chicago Illinois

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Track Name: Mourning In America
Diamonds will turn to dust
and glory will fade
we will be bled dry
and you won't be saved
they'll take from us everything
these vultures will feed
you'll choke on your silence
these bastards will breed
the sky will turn grey
with the weight of acid rain
and you'll turn to the sky
searching for blame
but your cries to sky
they fall on deaf ears
and then you'll realize
we've been left here
they'll take from us everything
and still you'll give more
we rot and we rot
we rot to our core
time marches on
immune to your pleas
to all that you bleed
but just remember
if this ever looks like defeat
just know

This Wolfheart still beats

This is all I need
this Wolfheart still beats
Track Name: Youngblood
They'd put a price a dignity if they could fathom it
Sold myself short but I made a profit/prophet
God knows how black my sins are
Never saw the devil with anyone but myself

I wanna leave a good looking corpse
And I don't wanna be here anymore

They got me bleeding out and I'm loving every minute of it
Know my name and I'll take it to the grave
Cause we're all terminal whether we realize it or not
It's just the matter of the time on your clock

They got you selling your reasons to live
Just to pretend that you're not gonna die
This is the great american, the great american goodbye
So make sure you wave when you give
your great american goodbye

We're all just whores
Waiting for that money shot
Waiting for that hammer to drop
Track Name: Old Money
Oh honey
who you tryin' to impress
spend your life on your knees
but look fabulous in that dress
pray to your god
beg your husband
"but what would the neighbors think?"

Do I scare you
because I mean more to your kids
than you ever could
than you ever did
I've done more
just with a song
than anything your diseased cunt could ever spawn

I live in their heads
calling you out on your dreams of high class
on some idea of a homogenous mass
so when they come and they stab you in your sleep you'll know
just who to point the finger at

I flip those quick fixes
I feed on your greed
I flip those crucifixes
I feed on this disease
self righteous?
more self loathing
just like you taught me
just like you taught me
invest in your futures
it doesn't change the fact you're all gonna die

I am an island
I am the leviathan
you've found your scapegoat while going down with the ship
so here's a toast
to the host
to ignorant to realize
it's all in your head (you're already dead)
Track Name: Skeletal Machinery
I've stood with the opposition
But I can't stand in line
I've heard their propisitions
We're running out of time

To use the clear channels
to use the proper phrase
when they have their signals
they have the radio waves
and while the cities tear themselves to shreds
these motherfuckers sleep soundly in their bed

Sold their toxic and steel
war machine pistons
watch it collapse on the lesser
from a safe distance

From what privilege we speak
of the emptiness of wealth
without the knowledge
of empty stomachs
of deteriorating health
of summer nights you slept in the bath tub
to avoid stray bullets

cause wealth can be empty
but poverty is crushing
there's a wound in our chest
and they're helping the gushing
of blood
of tears
of the sweat from your brow
if there ever was a time to act
that time is fucking now
so the next time they talk of bootstraps
of teaching to fish
remember corporate america
is trying to make you it's bitch
cause the only thing that trickles down
is hate and exploitation
and we're choking to death
in this sick nation

We're choking to death
and things gotta change
I can't believe it'll always be this way
Tomorrow holds such better days
I just gotta believe that we can change
We can change
Track Name: Kelly Thomas
what the fuck is wrong with me
when the news says they can't find the guy
who shot a cop on the west side
I hope he got away
I hope he got away
like every cop we know who got away
who got away with it
fraternal order of criminal protection

hey hey
I can't look away
when the evidence is right in front of my face
hey hey
I can't look away

You got away with killing a kid
and there was no parade, no parade for him
(just a stand your ground salute)
What the hell is wrong with me
am I losing touch with humanity
I want to put a bullet in the head of every crooked cop
who thought he could control me
slit the throat of every motherfucker who thought they could buy me

What the hell is wrong with me
there's nothing wrong with me

No justice
No peace
Track Name: Flag Burner
Maybe suicide is just natural selection
Well fuck Darwin, I'm headed in the opposite direction
See I'd like to make history
But I'll settle for making a difference
I'd like heaven
But hell's just closer distance

All the young dudes
they carry this noose
for the sins of the father
well I'm the holy ghost
debating an invitation from
the heavenly host

To much has been given
much is expected
I have to make sure
My anger is directed
survival is not a handout
and I refuse to die for your
corporate interests

I need to learn to love something more than myself
I need to learn to love something
I need to learn to love myself

Cut me open see if I fucking bleed
touch the holes in my hands see if they sting
beg the reaper for more time
cause these sins are fucking mine
I can no longer choose to close my eyes
I refuse to give The Great American Goodbye

cause they chains that hold one of us
are the chains that hold all of us
diamonds will turn to dust